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About Us

Hello, travelers of the digital realms and heroes of the keyboard battles! We are the La2Best.org team and we've got magic, adventures, and of course a Lot of Fun for you! Introducing our unique Lineage 2 server – a place where dragons are only little more dangerous than our jokes, and treasures shine brighter than our brightest ideas.

Remember the days, when we are all dreamed about combining a passion for games with pizza would result in something amazing? Well, we did it (and we didn't even get that much chubbier... seriously)! Our team is made up of gamers who survive on raids, even when the leader forgot a strategy. We thought: "What if we created a server where everyone could become a legend?" Not a "monotonous legend" but one that grandchildren would proudly talk about in the style of: "I remember the time , than your Grandpa tanked a Raid boss with pizza in one hand and a computer mouse at other."

We had a lot of work with our server server at day and night's, causing envy of coffee machines and testing the patience of our internet providers. What's the result? Server where quests don't degrade into "take it and came back " but rather "take it and came back but be careful, there are a whole army of goblins with envious eyes". Here you'll encounter dangers, mysteries, and if you're lucky, a cunningly hidden event with mighty rewards and exclusive prizes.

Everyone find in our server . Players who wish to measure their strength will find arenas ,where victories are sweet, and everyone awaits when you’ll present your "Greateful spectacle". For people, who prefer a peaceful fishing session, we've intentionally left the monstrous contents of our lakes out of humor’s reach. What?

And what about Our community? We're like your favorite clan, but without request of contribution "To the clan hall taxes". Your participation and ideas make the game better, while our admins work hardly than bugs is thr part of Fun – because what's more funniest than your raising sword to Hit and... "Oh no , I'm lagged..."

Join us at La2Best.org, where every day it's a new adventure, and your own "Great story" is waiting to be written... Or at the least, made a humorous nickname for your Elf !

With respect, the La2Best.org server team, where dragons fear to tread in pairs...